Dear 4CD Students, Staff, Faculty and Community,

We are deeply troubled and heartbroken following the horrifying events that transpired this past weekend in Charlottesville, Virginia, and extend our deepest condolences to the family and friends of the victims who tragically lost their lives, as well as those who were seriously injured. The Contra Costa Community College District wants to be clear that we absolutely denounce the reprehensible hatred and violence that permeated the Charlottesville rally.

While the First Amendment grants the right to free speech and peaceable assembly, acts of violence and abhorrent behaviors are neither included nor protected under this amendment. We strongly condemn any and all racist acts intended to incite violence and promote fear.

As a higher education institution, we are built upon a foundation and commitment to equity, inclusion and social justice. Our colleges exist, in part, to promote diversity and respect for one another, offering a safe learning environment where students, faculty, staff and community members from all backgrounds can engage peacefully and civilly. The Governing Board also provided their leadership on this topic when it passed Resolution 1-S, Resolution 1-S, Reaffirming Support of the Contra Costa Community College District Students and Employees. We proudly welcome everyone. The bottom line is we will not tolerate hatred, racism, or any acts of violence on our campuses.

We encourage our students, staff, faculty, and community to join us as we combat injustice, bigotry, and divisiveness by actively listening to one another, demonstrating respect for others, and engaging in a civil manner at all times.


Chancellor Fred Wood, Contra Costa Community College District
Contra Costa College President Mojdeh Mehdizadeh
Diablo Valley College Interim President Ted Wieden
Los Medanos College President Bob Kratochvil