Chancellor Search

Governing Board Approves New Chancellor Contract for Dr. Fred E. Wood

MARTINEZ, CA – At their December 14, 2016, meeting, the Governing Board approved the contract for Dr. Fred E. Wood to become the 8th permanent Chancellor of the Contra Costa Community College District.

"We are excited to work with Dr. Wood as he leads this District into the future," said Governing Board President Vicki Gordon. "He brings an exemplary higher education background that will help us grow our transfer rates to 4-year institutions, strengthen our career technical education reputation, and increase our online offerings. The Governing Board looks forward to his leadership and innovation that will contribute to our pursuit of increasing student success."

Prior to his selection, Dr. Wood served as Chancellor at the University of Minnesota Crookston (UMC). UMC, which was a two-year technical college beginning in 1966 and transitioned to a baccalaureate granting institution in 1993, is a workforce focused campus of the University of Minnesota system of which half of the degree seeking students are on-campus students and the other half are online students. Before joining UMC, Dr. Wood completed a 26-year career at the University of California, Davis (UCD), where he served as vice chancellor of student affairs from 2007 to 2012, leading one of the largest student affairs portfolios in the nation. Prior to UCD, Dr. Wood was a faculty member at North Idaho College. While in graduate school, his first teaching assignment was at Diablo Valley College (DVC).

"I am honored and thrilled that the Governing Board selected me to lead this great district and cannot wait to roll up my sleeves and get to work," said Wood. "Our future success continues to be dependent on the dedicated faculty, classified professionals, and managers that work in the District. I look forward to joining them as we engage more deeply with our community and business leaders, and fulfilling the District's mission to transform the lives of our students as they achieve their educational goals with us."

Dr. Wood will start work on Tuesday, January 3, 2017, and receive a base annual salary of $300,000, with performance-based incentives.

A first-generation college graduate, Dr. Wood earned an A.A. degree from DVC, and B.S. degree and Ph.D. in chemistry from UCD. He is married and has three grown children.

The Contra Costa Community College District Governing Board has announced the search for the District's new Chancellor is underway. The Board is committed to conducting an equitable, inclusive, and transparent national search that will attract a strong pool of outstanding candidates. The Board is seeking an experienced and innovative educational leader who is passionate about the community college mission and serving the District's diverse students and communities. The new Chancellor will be committed to student equity, collaborative decision-making, and building upon the District colleges' reputation for excellence.

The target date for receipt of applications is September 12, 2016. The Governing Board is being assisted with this search by the Association of Community College Trustees. Their consultant, Dr. Pam Fisher, can be contacted for nominations or confidential inquiries at: pamfisher@bresnan.net or (406) 570-0516.


The Chancellor serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the District and reports directly to the five-member elected Governing Board. The Chancellor, in collaboration with the three college presidents and other District leadership, is responsible for assessing, planning, organizing and evaluating the resources, programs and services of the District to meet the educational needs of the students and the community.

As the educational and administrative leader of the District, the Chancellor represents the District to community groups, business and industry, labor organizations, public school districts, the Chancellor's Office of the California Community Colleges, the University of California, California State University, private colleges and universities, city and county agencies, and the California legislature.


Our Vision

Our vision is to be a beacon of excellence in learning and equitable student success.

Our Mission

Our mission is to transform lives by providing outstanding learning opportunities, nurturing and empowering all students to achieve their educational goals.

Where We Are

The Contra Costa Community College District (CCCCD) was founded by a public vote in December 1948 and first opened its doors in 1949. It is one of the largest multi-college community college districts in California. CCCCD serves a population of 1,019,640 people, and its boundaries encompass all but 48 of the 734-square-mile land area of Contra Costa County. The District Office is in historic downtown Martinez. Contra Costa County is a beautiful location and is part of the San Francisco Bay Area with its many cultural activities. It is about an hour from Sacramento, the State Capitol, and within easy driving distance of the Sierra Nevada Mountains and its many attractions.

Who We Are

The Contra Costa Community College District is governed by an elected five-member Governing Board who serve four-year terms. One student member, selected by student government, serves a one-year term on a rotational basis among the Colleges. The Chancellor, appointed by the Governing Board, carries out the policies of the District.

Approximately 3,100 full and part-time staff serve the District's ethnically diverse student body. In 2014-2015 the unduplicated head count was 51,319 and the District's FTES was 30,424.

For 67 years, our institutions have been a vital part of Contra Costa County. Young and old alike are encouraged to take advantage of an incomparable array of educational choices, including studies leading to an associate degree, transfer to four-year colleges and universities, short-term training to update professional skills, and specialized vocational and technical training programs - many in partnership with local businesses and industry - to help build a strong workforce in Contra Costa County.

Our Colleges

Contra Costa College

Since 1949, Contra Costa College (CCC) has provided exemplary educational services to hundreds of thousands of residents from the greater West County area. The college has superior faculty and staff members and a learning environment that maximizes the potential of students. Technology is available throughout the institution and connects students to the world to ensure a relevant exchange of ideas. The college is proud of its diverse student body and commitment to individual student success. Excellent programs such as the Center for Science Excellence, The Advocate newspaper, the green Automotive Services program, the Nursing program, and the Culinary Arts program are known throughout the state and the nation. A model of excellence, CCC prides itself on being one of the finest community colleges in the country.

Diablo Valley College

Diablo Valley College (DVC) has distinguished itself as one of the nation's most successful community colleges by offering incomparable transfer opportunities and exceptional career-technical programs and degrees to a diverse student body, while responding to an evolving need for robust, adult basic skills and English Second Language programs. At both the Pleasant Hill and San Ramon locations, local and international students engage with high-quality instruction and support services designed for student learning and success. Faculty from DVC's various career-technical programs are in continuous dialog with our surrounding community to keep pace with emerging technologies and new skill requirements our students need to be successful in any job market. The college's unparalleled transfer programs prepare our students in large numbers to be successful in four-year colleges and universities throughout the state and the country. DVC continuously ranks among the top transfer pathways to UC Berkeley.

Los Medanos College

Los Medanos College (LMC) provides excellent transfer and innovative career-technical opportunities in East Contra Costa County. A focus on student learning and success helps students build their abilities and competencies as lifelong learners, and provides critical educational preparation to help them succeed in their career endeavors. Special opportunities include the only honors program certified as part of the UCLA Transfer Alliance and learning communities supported by faculty and staff. With programs like Engineering, Nursing, Communication Studies, Child Development, Instrumentation Technology, Mathematics, and Process Technology, students receive the resources they need to excel in today's competitive workforce and at four-year colleges. LMC's main campus is located in Pittsburg, with a center in Brentwood.


The Chancellor, as the Chief Executive Officer of the District, has primary responsibility for the following:

  • lead the District as advisor to the Governing Board and provide oversight of the college Presidents and other direct staff reports;

  • serve and support the District's three colleges to enable them to continue to be responsive to the unique needs of their students and communities;

  • encourage diversity of administration, faculty and staff to reflect the community served by the District;

  • ensure fiscal stability and student access through sound fiscal management and provide leadership to acquire additional funding;

  • advance goals of participatory governance with an emphasis on consensus building, collegiality and mutual respect;

  • provide strong leadership for successful collective bargaining;

  • expand partnerships with business, industry government, community organizations and educational institutions;

  • enhance the development of educational and administrative technology; and

  • develop (update when needed) a District wide strategic plan that incorporates each college's unique mission and educational plan, while integrating the District's educational and facilities master plans, the budget, enrollment management and mission.

Click here for a detailed job description.


Education and Training

  1. A master's degree from an accredited university is required. An earned doctorate degree from an accredited university is preferred.

  2. Five years of significant experience in education, government, business or industry as a manager, at least three of which were as a senior executive within a large and complex organization. Senior experience in a college or university is preferred.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  1. Demonstrated understanding of, sensitivity to, and respect for the diverse academic, socio-economic, race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, politics, philosophy, disability and religious background of all students, faculty and staff.

  2. Ability to establish a strong partnership with the Governing Board and create an atmosphere of mutual respect and open communication between the Board and all constituent groups.

  3. Demonstrated technical knowledge of fiscal management, long and short-term strategic planning, organizational development theory, strategic change management, human resources, facilities planning, informational systems management, and community and legislative relations.

  4. Strong understanding of complex fiscal issues facing California community colleges and ability to pursue government funding and alternative fiscal resources.

  5. Excellent leadership ability, exceptional interpersonal and communication skills, and a collaborative management style that is consultative and inclusive.

  6. Knowledge of working in a collective-bargaining environment.

  7. Ability to work in a complex and large multi-college district with distinct organizational cultures and needs.

  8. Excellent leadership ability, exceptional interpersonal and communication skills, and a collaborative management style that is consultative and inclusive.


The successful new Chancellor will:

  1. Work with the college presidents to foster exemplary innovative teaching and learning that leads to student success and completion rates that close the equity achievement gaps.

  2. Ensure policies and innovative practices that lead to the recruitment, hiring and retention of diverse staff, faculty and administrators that reflect the communities the District serves.

  3. Identify and implement enrollment strategies that result in enrollment growth and address the needs of the local communities.

  4. Value and respect the voices of all constituents and practice collegiality and participatory governance as well as Interest-Based-Bargaining.

  5. Maintain fiscal stability even as new challenges surface (such as health care and retirement liabilities) through expert and equitable fiscal management and the generation of new revenue through the college foundations and local and state advocacy.

  6. Oversee the completion of new facility construction funded by the recent bond and the expansion of the technology infrastructure in support of educational and administrative services.

  7. Encourage communication and collaboration among the three colleges and District Office in support of efficiency and effectively meeting the needs of students, while also honoring the unique identity of each institution.

  8. Promote awareness of the three colleges and the rich opportunities they make available to residents throughout Contra Costa County.

  9. Support and expand college/district partnerships with P-16 educational entities, including but not limited to, College and Career Pathways, campus tours by middle and high schools students and other innovative strategies designed to create a "college-going culture."

  10. Actively engage community groups, and business and industry in order to increase educational opportunities, workforce development, and the colleges' contribution to local economic development.

  11. Assure Governing Board policies and directives, as well as District and Board goals, are successfully implemented and reported to the Board and constituent groups.

  12. Provide leadership to the Governing Board resulting in a cohesive team that practices effective trusteeship as they work together with the Chancellor to achieve the mission of the District.


The new Chancellor will be a leader who is:

  • Committed to the comprehensive community college mission and student equity

  • Supportive of innovative teaching and learning

  • Culturally proficient in a variety of settings

  • Capable of working with and bringing together people with different perspectives

  • An excellent communicator

  • Open and transparent

  • Respectful of all constituents

  • Supportive of professional development

  • Comfortable in a union environment

  • Compassionate, caring, and sensitive

  • Ethical, fair and possesses integrity

  • Visible, accessible and approachable

  • Available to, and engages with, students

  • Collaborative and able to make timely decisions

  • Diplomatic and politically savvy

  • Strong, courageous and resilient

  • A creative problem-solver and a forward- looking thinker

  • Known for their good judgement

  • Able to demonstrate a sense of humor when it is most needed

  • Willing to implement Board policies, goals and directives

  • Effective at monitoring, assessing and reporting on District outcomes


This is a confidential search process. To ensure full consideration, application materials should be received no later than September 12. 2016. The position will remain open until filled.

To apply go to http://www.acctsearches.org and upload your documents. Candidates will follow the prompts given while completing the application form.

Candidates will need to have the following information or materials available to complete the application:

  1. A completed Candidate Summary sheet; which can be found at the top of the application page after clicking the "Apply Here" link.

  2. A letter of application (not to exceed 5 pages) that succinctly addresses the opportunities and challenges, and ideal characteristics identified in the Position Profile and demonstrates how the candidate’s experience and professional qualifications prepare them to serve as Chancellor of the Contra Costa Community College District.

  3. A current resume including an email address and cellular telephone number.

  4. A list of eight references: three supervisors, two direct reports and three faculty members from current or former institutions.

Candidates must combine their candidate summary sheet, cover letter, and resume into a single PDF file in order to upload their materials. Candidates will be asked to submit their reference list separately.

For additional information, nominations or confidential inquiries please contact:

For technical assistance with uploading documents, please contact:

Marc Wollenschlaeger, Board Services Associate, mwollenschlaeger@acct.org or (202) 775-4458

ACCT Executive Searches


May 23-24 ACCT consultant visits all three colleges and District Office to facilitate forums and gain constituent input
May 24 Search Committee meeting #1 - Orientation
May 25 Consultant meets with Governing Board during regular evening meeting
June ACCT and consultant work with Human Resources staff to prepare draft profile, search webpage and print ads
June - September Active recruiting (continues until position filled)
September 12 Target date for receipt of applications (accepted until filled)
September Search Committee members review applications

Search Committee meeting #2 - Review of applications, discussion, and selection of semi-finalists to be invited for first interview

October Search Committee Meeting #3 - Interview semi-finalists and selection of finalists to forward to Governing Board
October 31 - November 2 Finalists' public forums, campus tours, and interviews with Governing Board
Early November Governing Board's optional site visit(s)
Mid November Governing Board announces new Chancellor
Start Date To be negotiated


Name Title College Group
Lesley Agostino Administrative Assistant Diablo Valley College (DVC) Classified Senate Coordinating Council Representative
Maria Alegria District Representative for Assembly Member Tony Thurmond   Community Member
Linda Best Retired CEO, Contra Costa Council   Community Member
Guy Bjerke City of Concord, Director of Community Reuse Planning   Community Member
Israel Castro (Alternate) Associated Student Body Representative Los Medanos College (LMC) Alternate Student Body Representative
Beth Goehring Faculty Contra Costa College (CCC) Academic Senate Representative
Victoria Gordon Governing Board President   Community Member
Erika Greene Student Union Coordinator CCC Classified Senate Coordinating Council Representative
Silvester Henderson Faculty LMC Academic Senate Representative
Russell Holt Buildings and Grounds Manager LMC Management Council Representative
Patricia Kaya Executive Coordinator District Office (DO) Confidential Employees Group Representative
Bob Kratochvil President LMC College President Representative
Beth McBrien Faculty Senate President DVC Academic Senate Representative
Mojdeh Mehdizadeh President CCC College President Representative
Jeffrey Michels Faculty CCC United Faculty Representative
Willie J. Mims Education Chair. East County NAACP   Community Member
Jonah Nicholas Associate Vice Chancellor, Chief Financial Officer DO Vice Chancellor Representative
Dio Shipp Associate Vice Chancellor, Chief Human Resources Officer DO Equal Employment Opportunity Representative
Safi Ward-Davis CCC ASU President Elect CCC Student Body Representative
Michael West Local 1 President LMC Local 1 Representative


It is the District's policy to ensure that all qualified applicants for employment and employees have full and equal access to employment opportunity, and are not subjected to discrimination in any program or activity of the District on the basis of ethnic group identity, race, color, ancestry, religion, marital status, sex, national origin, gender, gender identity, gender expression, age, sexual orientation, physical or mental disability, medical condition, genetic information, veteran status, parental status, citizenship or because an individual is perceived to have one or more of these characteristics or based on association with a person or group with one or more of these actual or perceived characteristics.