Contra Costa Community Colleges Innovation Program


May 4, 2015

Contra Costa Community Colleges Launches Innovation Program

What does an urban farm have to do with student success? The answer to this question was given, as innovations from around the Contra Costa Community College District (District) were presented at the Convocation on Innovation on January 9, 2015. The inspirational event launched a districtwide innovation program that encourages new ideas and dialogue contributing to student success.

Held at the Concord Hilton, over 600 faculty and staff districtwide gathered to learn more about the concepts behind innovation. Guest speaker and Inventor Van Phillips' approach to innovation laid the foundation for the event, leading to a conversation on possible innovative next steps staff could take to implement new ideas. Attendees also heard and celebrated innovative accomplishments from their peers currently underway throughout the District, and gathered additional insight on the importance of innovation from Kaiser Permanente's Dr. Ronald Copeland.

"We have the opportunity to think differently and achieve greater student success results through innovation," said Chancellor Helen Benjamin. "Our Governing Board and Cabinet members are committed to creating an environment that incubates innovation, and funding projects for the next two years that can influence positive change within our District for the benefit of our students, employees and community."

The District is building on the momentum of the event with a call for innovative proposals that can be specific for a college or districtwide. Proposed ideas must be geared towards enhancing student success, improving work environments and district processes. The District has also implemented professional development activities such as managing an innovative environment for managers districtwide, and demonstrating how classified employees can make a contribution to innovation at their annual JobLinks training.