Contra Costa Community Colleges Innovation Program

Next Steps

Innovation Districtwide

The Contra Costa Community College District (District) and Governing Board are committed to funding innovative projects in the hope that we can influence positive change within our district for the benefit of our students, employees and community. The District has placed a call for proposals at the district level as the first, in a series of district and college post-convocation activities that provides the opportunity to move an idea to an innovative practice. Those who were interested have been given a chance to submit a proposal that will impact the work environment in the spirit of enhancing student access and success. Ideas geared towards improving district processes or making us more efficient are also encouraged. No idea is too small. The District is committed to allocating resources to fund projects for at least two years at the outset. The hope is to also recognize individual and team members with cash awards for their respective proposals. We have placed $300,000 from a variety of sources, including vacant positions, in an account to be used over a two year period for funding selected proposals involving two or more colleges.

Innovation at Diablo Valley College

Do you have a great idea for improving student success? Do you want institutional support to make it happen? (Of course you do). Now is the time! Following the Convocation on Innovation, Diablo Valley College (DCV) has focused its efforts on soliciting innovation proposals from the entire college, designed to help the college achieve any of the four goals and/or the Strategic Directive from the recently developed Strategic Plan. The college will be evaluating all proposals in a two stage process. By the March 6 deadline, the college had received a grand total of 86 innovation proposals! The college will be using a team comprised of the co-chairs of college governance committees augmented with the strategic planning group (including the faculty senate president), president of the classified senate and the vice-presidents of instruction and student services to review all proposals and recommend a subset to move forward to stage 2. After a more complete proposal development process (supported by the college), stage 2 proposals will be reviewed by the same team with a recommendation to the DVC President that a subset be funded for full implementation.

Innovation at Los Medanos College

As a follow-up to the District-wide "Convocation on Innovation" held in January 2015 and Chancellor Benjamin's announcement of an innovation fund for multi-college projects, Los Medanos College has launched its own INNOVATION initiative. Members of the College community are invited to submit proposals for innovative projects never before implemented at LMC. Proposals should demonstrate the potential for expanding LMC's institutional capacity by: improving student success; addressing the achievement gap; or increasing enrollment, retention, equitable practices, efficiencies, and/or cost-savings. Up to $100,000 is being set aside for an "innovation account" that will serve as the funding source for LMC Innovation Proposals, which may request resources for a period of 1-3 years.

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Innovation at Contra Costa College

Contra Costa College is currently in the planning process of implementing a new innovation program at their campus.