Police Services

Bicycle Patrol Program

The CCCCDPD has used Bicycle Patrol since 1997. The Bicycles are a great way to patrol areas that are difficult to access with a regular patrol vehicle such as inner campus and the quad areas. The Bicycles put officers in closer contact with the college community. The Bicycle Patrol assignment is an ancillary duty of our personnel. An officer may ride as staffing levels and weather permits.

The CCCCDPD takes great pride in the program.

The benefits of the program:

  • Increased Community contact

  • High visibility in difficult patrol areas

  • Quicker response time

  • Increased fitness levels for personnel

  • Environmental benefits

Special Thanks...

Thank you to the individuals and businesses, who support the Bike Patrol Program, including:

  • Walmart-Pittsburg

  • Walmart-Antioch

  • Los Medanos College Foundation