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D2L (Desire2Learn) is CCCCD’s learning management system. D2L course shells are created for all class sections in the 4CD College System and are available for development by the instructor of record before the beginning of the semester.

This page contains links to web-accessible tutorials about the D2L system. These tutorials are organized into categories so that you can view all of them or skip right to a particular topic. If you are brand new to D2L, you will want to start with the basics by working your way through the tutorials under “Getting Started with D2L” This site is a work in progress, and our goal is to provide the help you need. Your comments and suggestions are encouraged.

CCCCD - D2L Learning Community

If you would like to learn more about online teaching and learning in general, best practices, related resources, and collaborate with others who are currently teaching online in the district, you are invited to participate in the 4CD Learning Community.

The 4CD Learning Community is accessible by all instructors via the 4CD D2L site. First, login to the 4CD D2L site, on the "My Home" page, click the "Student" button, and then under the "Ongoing" column, select "D2L Learning Community."

Check out the module-based course "Online Teaching: Faculty Orientation" for information about online course design, interaction, social technology, and best practices. Participate in the discussion forums, and explore the additional helpful resources.

If you need additional technical help, you may contact:
CCC - Judy Flum (jflum@contracosta.edu)
DVC - Neal Skapura (nskapura@dvc.edu)
DVC - Jeanette Peavler (jpeavler@dvc.edu)
LMC - Courtney Diputado (cdiputado@losmedanos.edu)


Getting Started with D2L: Learn how to log in and find your course, make your course active (available), use the News tool, and view your course from a student's perspective.

Logging in and finding your course

Logging in and Finding Your Course
PDF => Logging in and finding your course
Video => Login to Desire2Learn

A video tour of Desire2Learn

(It is also a Quick start guide to D2L for Students)
8 minute YouTube video that includes information on:
Logging in to D2L, D2L Minibar, Notifications, D2L Email, Accessing your course, News, Content browser, Navigation bar, Quizzes, User Progress, Viewing and printing files in D2L, Downloading and submitting files via the Dropbox, and the Group area.

Video => Quick Start Guide to D2L for Students

Need the Link to this YouTube Video?
You can copy and paste the link below into your syllabus.
YouTube Link => http://youtu.be/VwoWO4V3nOg

Making your course active (1 minute video from Brightspace)

This video will demonstrate how to activate your course once it is ready to use.
Note that the district automatically sets up your course availability date for the first date of your course. You may, however, manually change the availability dates.)

PDF => Activating and setting availability for a course
Video=> Making Your D2L Course Active

News Tool Introduction (1:25 minute video from Brightspace)

This video provides a brief introduction of the News Tool, how it is used, and the options available.

Video => Instructor: Introduction to the news Tool

Creating a News Item (3-minute video from Brightspace)

This video demonstrates how to create a new News item, include attachments, and set availability.

Video => Instructor: Creating a News Item

Adding Fictitious Students and Switching to Student Role

View your course from a student's point of view by using the Role Switch function and/or by adding fictitious student(s) to your Class list.

PDF => Fictitious Student Enrollment
PDF => Role Switch


D2L Email

D2L Email Explained

One-page PDF document with screen shots (provided by LMC DE Committee)

PDF => D2L Email Explained

D2L Email - Forwarding to Personal Email

Forwarding your D2L email to an external email account YouTube captioned video 2:21 minutes

Video => D2L -- Entering your email


Building and Managing Your Course Content

Introduction to the Course Builder (4:08 minute video by Brightspace)

The Course Builder is a handy option if you are creating a course from scratch. Learn what the Course Builder is and what components it contains.

Video => Instructor: Course Builder Introduction

Introduction to Content (4:29 minute YouTube video)

For 4CD, click Course Material/ Content to get to the Content pages. This video provides information about how content is organized and how to navigate through modules and topics.

Video=> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GHWGnmtvLTE


Modules and Topics (4:29 YouTube video)

This video explains how to create modules, topics, and sub-modules and how they are organized. Ignore the information about templates, as it is different in our version of D2L.

Video => http://youtu.be/E2XD9xszhAg


Managing Modules and Topics (3:06 minute video by Brightspace)

This video reviews how to edit, delete, and manage modules, topics, and sub-modules. Some menus may be slightly different from the 4CD version, but the information is generally applicable.

Video => Managing Modules and Topics

Importing Content from one D2L course site to another

(PDF document with screen shots):

PDF => Importing Content from one D2L course site to another

Demystifying the HTML editor icons (3:15 minute video from Brightspace)

You will use the HTML editor to create files within D2L. This video will explain the icons/ functions that are available using this editor.

Video => Demystifying the HTML Editor


Gradebook and User Progress

Setup Wizard for Gradebook (5:37 minute video from Brightspace)

This video explains how to set up grade calculations and display options in the Gradebook. Note: Access the Setup Wizard by selecting “Grades” from the “Assessments” menu on the navigation bar.

Video => Setup Wizard for Gradebook

D2L Gradebook Tips - Thanks to Susan Halick of Michigan State University.

Review these D2L Tips to setup, manage, release, export, and print grades.

PDF => D2LGradebookTips

Setting up Grade Items (2:53 minute video from Brightspace)

This video explains how to set up individual grade items. Note: You will need to create a grade item for each assessment instrument that contributes to the final grade (quizzes, written assignments, discussions, etc.).

Video => Setting up Grade Items

Points-based Grading System -- Overview (3:26 minute video from Brightspace)

This video explains how to set up a points-based Gradebook in D2L.

Video => Points-based Grading System

Creating a Category in a Points-based Grading System (2:40 minute video from Brightspace)

Grade categories are handy when you have a series of assessment items (such as chapter quizzes or written assignments) that are each worth the same number of points, and you want to drop the lowest score in the category when figuring final grades.

Video => Creating a Category in a Points-based Grading System

Weighted Grading System -- Overview (4:14 minute video from Brightspace)

This video explains how to set up a weighted system Gradebook in D2L

Video => Weighted Grading System

Creating a Category in a Weighted Grading System (2:40 minute video from Brightspace)

This video explains how to set up categories when using a weighted grading system.

Video => Creating a Category in a Weighted Grading System

Creating a Grades Scheme (2-minute video from Brightspace)

This video explains how to create a grading scheme.

Video => Creating a Grades Scheme

D2L Grades- Extra Credit - Thanks to Susan Halick of Michigan State University.

There are several ways to add extra credit in the Desire2Learn Grades tool. However, you need to
select whether the item, category, and/or final grade can exceed 100% in most cases.

PDF => D2L_Gradebook_Extra_Credit

Releasing final grades to students

When you are ready for your students to see either their Final Calculated Grade or their Final Adjusted Grade, you will need to release this information. The following 4-page PDF explains how to perform this process.

PDF => Releasing Final Grades to Students

Managing and entering grades (3:50 minute video from Brightspace)

This video is an overview of how to view and enter grades for students.
Note: Some details may be slightly different from our system’s version, but overall, this video should be useful.

Video => Managing and entering grades

Event Log for Gradebook (2:31 minute video from Brightspace)

This video explains how to view the history of changes made in the Gradebook

Video => Event Log for Gradebook

Student View of Grades (2:17 minute video from Brightspace)

This video shows what the student sees in the Grades tool. Access “Grades” from “Assessments.”
(Note: Instructor-selected options will affect what the student sees. For example, instructors must release the final calculated grade or the final adjusted grade in order for it to be visible to the student -- see tutorial on Releasing Final Grades to Students.)

Video => Student View of Grades

User Progress Overview -- (2-minute video from Brightspace)

Quick introduction to the User Progress tool and how you can use it to monitor student activity in your course.

Video => Instructor: User Progresss Introduction



Quizzes Overview (2 minute video from Brightspace)

This video provides a very brief overview of the Quiz tool. Specific features and functions are covered in other videos. (Note that you will see an “attempt” tab on our system rather than the “assessment” tab.)

Video => Quizzes Overview

Managing Quizzes (3:25 minute video from Brightspace )

This video demonstrates how to edit, copy, delete and preview a quiz.

Video => Managing Quizzes

Quizzes -- Grading by User (2:27 minute video from Brightspace )

This video is useful for learning how to access an individual user’s quiz in order to view their attempts, grade any questions that cannot be auto-graded by the system, and update their grade.

Video => Quizzes -- Grading by User



Creating a Dropbox Assignment

This 3-minute YouTube video will demonstrate how to create a new dropbox assignment and associate it with a gradebook item. The Dropbox is used for students to turn in assignments that have been done outside of D2L, such as an essay or presentation.

YouTube Video => http://youtu.be/_hCLduZImas

Enable the TurnItIn feature of your DropBox

Turnitin has been integrated with D2L. This integration allows access to the Turnitin originality checking and grade marking tools without having to leave the D2L environment. If you need specific information about using Turnitin, you may go to the following Turnitin website, which includes a FAQ and a Help Center.



Creating Discussion Forums and Topics (2:50 minute video from YouTube )

This video will demonstrate how to create a new discussion Forum and Topics for that Forum.

YouTube => http://youtu.be/s288hFXf48A

Inserting an Image into a Discussion Post

This 2:24 YouTube video from Century College MN will demonstrate how to insert an image from your computer into a D2L post. It is best if you resize your image to make it smaller, and then save it on your computer before inserting it into your post.

YouTube Video => http://youtu.be/CGAK_jprBb0

Adding a link into a Discussion Post

This YouTube video (2:41 minutes) demonstrates how to insert a link to a website into a discussion post.

YouTube Video => https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-N7ker24Tl8


Grading Discussions

Content to be added


Content to be added


Additional Help

There are many additional resources that you can reference for help with setting up your online classes. Here are a few of them:

Brightspace Community

This is the D2L Community page by D2L that is publicly-accessible and contains many helpful tutorials (for versions 10.2 which we are currently using as well as for 10.3), a blog, and a user forum, among other things. On the website, look under Resources for video tutorials. You can also sign up for an account to do even more things on the site. In addition, there is a space to add features you want fixed or added to D2L and other users can vote on these. You can also see what future versions of D2L will include.

You can access and participate in the Brightspace Community using this link:



This collection of helpful resources includes resources that will help you learn about D2L. Use your InSite username and password to login. Search for interesting video tutorials.

You may want to start with “Up and Running with Desire2Learn,” which includes numerous “how to” videos about D2L:




The @ONE Project makes it easy for California Community College faculty and staff to learn about technology that will enhance student learning and success. Access Desktop Webinars, Instructor-led online courses, and Self-paced training.




An innovative program that combines six free resources under one easy-to-access umbrella. The Sidekick web portal is proudly brought to you by the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office and includes links to various resources such as 3C Media Solutions, CCCConfer, @ONE, captioning and transcriptions options, and more.

Explore Sidekick at: http://www.toolsthatinspire.com/