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Desire2Learn is the learning management system used by students in all three colleges in the district. On this page you can find links to tutorials that will help you use D2L. These tutorials are organized into categories so that you can view all of them or skip right to a particular topic. If you have never taken online classes, you will start by looking at the information under “Considering taking an online course?” If you are new to D2L, it will help to look at the information under “Getting Started with D2L -- The Basics.”

If you have a particular question about D2L, and you cannot find the answer, you should contact your instructor, who will help you find the answer or direct you to the appropriate resource.


Considering taking an online course?

Is online learning for you?

Review this short PDF file to help you decide.
PDF => Is Online Learning Right for You.pdf

Tips for Success from Online Students

Words of Advice from online students...
PDF => Tips for Success from online students

Tips for Success in Online Learning

You may be one of the increasing number of students who is pursuing a college degree online. If so, follow these tips to help you be a successful online learner.
Video => http://www.how-to-study.com/study-skills-articles/tips-for-success-in-online-learning.asp

Your Student Responsibilities

Welcome to the first step in joining your online college coursework!
Online classes are rigorous and require independent learning.

  • You are responsible for logging in, and accessing your online classroom.
  • You should confirm your presence in the online class as instructed by your professor (such as send an email, post to the discussion board, etc.) within 72 hours of the start of the class.
  • Confirm that your computer and Internet connection meet the minimum requirements
  • If you are adding the class after it begins, make sure you promptly enroll using the Add Code your professor has given you.

PDF => Your Student Responsibilities in Online Learning

PDF => Minimum Computer Requirements for Using D2L

Getting Started with D2L -- The Basics

Logging in and finding your course

(3-page Word document with screen shots -- “Logging in and Finding Your Course”)
PDF=> Logging in and finding your course.pdf

A video tour of Desire2Learn (Quick start guide to D2L for Students)

This 8 minute YouTube video that includes information on: Logging in to D2L, D2L Minibar, Notifications, D2L Email, Accessing your course, News, Content browser, Navigation bar, Quizzes, User Progress, Viewing and printing files in D2L, Downloading and submitting files via the Dropbox, and the Group area.

Although CCC developed this video overview, it pertains to all colleges in the district.

Video => http://youtu.be/VwoWO4V3nOg

D2L Email

This video shows you how to forward your D2L email to an external email account
(YouTube captioned video 2:21 minutes)

Video => http://youtu.be/T2DFwRwPflY

Course Content


This 2-minute video provides a quick overview of how the content is organized within D2L. From the navigation bar at the top of the course page, click “Course Material” and then select “Content.”

Video => Learner Course Content


Discussions Overview

This 2:10 minute video provides an overview of the Discussions tool, using “reading view.” Note that “grid view” is a different way of displaying posts and will look different from this video. Your view of the discussion board is set up using the “Settings” link when you are on the Discussions page. Note that this video provides a general overview, and your instructor may set up your discussions in a different manner.

Video => https://community.brightspace.com/resources/videos/videos/learner_learning_environment_discussions~1

Inserting an Image into a Discussion Post

This 2:24 YouTube video from Century College MN will demonstrate how to insert an image from your computer into a D2L post. It is best if you resize your image to make it smaller, and then save it on your computer before inserting it into your post.

Video => http://youtu.be/CGAK_jprBb0

Adding a link into a Discussion Post

This YouTube video (2:41 minutes) demonstrates how to insert a link to a website into a discussion post.

Video => https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-N7ker24Tl8

Quizzes, Dropbox and Gradebook

Gradebook Overview

This 1:42 minute video is a brief overview of the Gradebook and the information that may be displayed. (Note that instructors may select options that will affect the student view of the Gradebook.)

Video => https://community.brightspace.com/resources/videos/videos/learner_learning_environment_grades~1

Drop Box Overview

This 2:10 minute video includes a short overview of the Dropbox tool, how to access the information in it and how to submit an assignment to the Dropbox.

Video => https://community.brightspace.com/resources/videos/videos/learner_learning_environment_dropbox~1

Quizzes Overview

This 2:25 minute video gives a general overview of the D2L quiz tool and how to use it.

Video => https://community.brightspace.com/resources/videos/videos/learning_environment_quizzes_learner

Monitor Your Progress

User Progress - Overview

This 2-minute video provides a quick overview of the “user progress” tool and how you can use it to monitor your progress in the course.

Video =>


What if I need additional help?

Please Note that instructors have the freedom to individually tailor their D2L courses. Each online course is organized and presented a little differently. If you have a particular question about D2L, and you cannot find the answer, you should contact your instructor, who will help you find the answer or direct you to the appropriate resource.

Within Desire2Learn, locate the help button under “Help for Students” on the “My Home” page (see attached 2-page PDF with screen shots showing how to access the additional help).

PDF => Additional Help D2L Version 10.2