CCCCD Study Abroad Programs

Study Abroad

The Contra Costa Community College District provides international education opportunities for our students and communities through its colleges. Since this program began in 1986 more than 1,000 students have had the opportunity to study around the globe.

College courses are taught by our own community college professors and most courses are UC and CSU transferable. Studying abroad is a rewarding experience on many levels. Some of the many benefits are:

  • Earn college credit and receive quality instruction

  • Travel and learn at the same time

  • Meet new people in a safe and fun environment

  • Explore another culture while learning more about your own culture

  • Broaden your global perspective

  • Experience personal growth

  • Build your resume and gain life experience

The District is proud to offer these programs as part of the Northern California Study Abroad Consortium in partnership with AIFS. To learn more:

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