Student Trustee


Jocelyn Villalobos - Student Trustee

Jocelyn Villalobos is a first-generation college student who will pursue a master’s degree in Nursing or Public Health. She is involved in many clubs and organizations such as Puente, La Raza Unida, Outreach Ambassador, Public Safety Committee, Interfaith Space Committee and others. Jocelyn has a passion for education equity and issues of social justice and graduation rates for underrepresented students. She has been active in student government leadership for six years, allowing her to continue to do what she loves – advocate for students. Since 2017, Jocelyn has served on the Associated Students at Los Medanos College and recently completed her term as Associated Students Commissioner of Campus Events. She advocates to end sexual violence, supports undocumented students and promotes an environment of inclusion and civility among a diverse student body.

Jocelyn also enjoys public speaking, hosting events, mentoring, and performing community service. In 2017, Jocelyn was awarded the Jefferson Award twice for her public service, Further, she was elected Antioch Youth of the Year by the teachers and students at her high school. Jocelyn is very excited to serve and represent students with integrity and will make sure the Contra Costa Community College District is fair transparent, and makes decisions in the best interest of all its students Districtwide.