Student Trustee

Kwame Baah-Arhin

Kwame Baah-Arhin - Student Trustee

Kwame Baah-Arhin attends Middle College High School (MCHS), where he is concurrently enrolled at Contra Costa College (CCC). He plans to graduate with an Associate of Arts degree and a high school diploma in 2017.

Kwame is a strong advocate for students, particularly underrepresented students, and became the class president at MCHS in his freshman year. Subsequently, he joined the West Contra Costa Unified School District’s (WCCUSD) Youth Commission, and he has served on that Commission for the past three years. Kwame was also appointed to the position of student trustee for the WCCUSD and was one of two students who were the first students to be directly involved in selecting WCCUSD’s new superintendent.

Kwame has a deep appreciation for music and won Grand Prize at the Club Mendelsohn Music Scholarship Program in 2014. He believes every song has a story that can be interpreted in billions of different ways and he takes the time each day to interpret as many songs as possible.

Kwame plans to pursue his Ph.D. after graduating from MCHS and also hopes to serve the community that has inspired him throughout his educational career.