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InSite Portal FAQs

InSite Mail FAQs

What is a portal?

A portal, on the internet, can be best described as a gateway: a place where you can find information about a particular subject (e.g., or a starting place for more general information (e.g., Portals generally include search capability, easy access to related information and/or sites, and the ability to target content to specific viewers.

What is the difference between the InSite portal and the college websites?

The InSite portal is a gateway to all things online in the Contra Costa Community College District: college websites, registering for classes, events, campus directories, etc. While most of this information was previously available, the InSite portal makes it easier and faster to find what you need.

How do I login on the InSite portal?

Click on the link on any of the websites. If you have previously used WebAdvisor, type in your Username and Password and click on the Log-in button. The InSite portal utilizes the same username and password as WebAdvisor. WebAdvisor is also available through the portal.

Click here for assistance with your username.

Can I access my college's website through the portal?

Yes. In the upper right hand corner of the portal page should be your college's logo. Clicking on any of the links in that web part will take you to the college's sites.

When I login to the portal I see the wrong college logo or I don't see a logo?

New portal users may not immediately see their college specific information. That will appear within 24 hours of logging into the portal. If you see the incorrect college logo displayed in the portal you will need to contact your admissions and records department (see bottom of page) to have your primary location changed.

What browser works best with the InSite portal?

The portal is best viewed using Firefox 3 or higher, Safari 3 or higher, Internet Explorer 7.x or higher, with Java enabled, and a resolution of 800x600 or greater.

I wanted to view a PDF file, but I got an error message, what do I do?

Some documents have been created as PDF, which require Adobe Acrobat Reader. You can get the free reader at

I want to change my password.

Click here to go to the Account Services page in the InSite portal. You can change your password there. You will need to login to the portal.

I forgot my username. How can I find out what it is?

Click here for assistance with your username.

I need assistance and the online services haven't helped. How can I get more help?

Please send an email to the following:

For assistance with admissions and records questions such as your application, grades, transcript, registration, account fees, etc., please call your Admissions and Records office:

Contra Costa College - (510) 215-4892

Diablo Valley College - (925) 685-1310

Los Medanos College - (925) 473-7500

If you need further assistance please call the Help Desk: (925) 229-6888

What is the email system?

The Contra Costa Community College District has partnered with Microsoft through a program called. This program provides web based email to all students throughout our District, and it's being used by more than 30 million students around the world. Our e-mail service is called InSite Mail and it includes many great features such as a 25gb mailbox for each student, Windows Messenger and access to MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote online.

Can I change my InSite Mail password?

Yes. Click here to change your password.

How do I access my InSite Mail account?

Click on "Check My InSite Mail" located on the Student home page in the Portal.

Can I opt out of the email service?

No. This will be your official email address on your student record. You will be expected to check your email frequently and stay aware of college communications. However, you can easily forward or redirect your InSite Mail to a personal account.

Can I consolidate email from my other accounts into my InSite Mail account?

Yes. You can forward e-mail from other accounts to your InSite Mail inbox and have it all in one place. Read the directions here: Downloading External E-mail Accounts to InSite Mail

Can I forward this account to another email address?

Yes. It's very simple to forward or redirect your InSite Mail to your personal account. Read the directions here: Forwarding Email from InSite Mail

Can I receive a text message when I get an e-mail message?

Yes. InSite Mail can send you a text message anytime an e-mail arrives in your mailbox, or from specific people or e-mail addresses. You simply have to conifigure an e-mail rule and provide your cell phone number.

Check out the instructions here: Setting up InSite Mail to Send Text Messages

Can I change my email address?

No. Your e-mail address is automatically assigned based on your InSite portal username. The format is You are not able to modify this address.

Can I setup my InSite Mail account on my phone?

Yes. Your InSite Mail account can be easily configured on your mobile phone. Check out the directions here: InSite Mail on Your Mobile Phone

Can I hook up Outlook on my PC to my InSite Mail mailbox?

No. With the enhanced security of InSite Mail the outlook desktop client cannont be directly connected to the mailbox but you can use IMAP or POP3 to connect.

Click here to find more information about connecting outlook using POP3 or IMAP.

What do I do if I deleted something I needed from email?

InSite Mail functions much the same as MS Outlook and all of your deleted items are stored in a folder that you manage.

More information about deleted mail can be found here: About Deleted InSite Mail Messages