Home Page for the 2020-2025 Contra Costa Community College Districtwide Strategic Plan

Welcome to the 2020-2025 Contra Costa Community College Districtwide Strategic Plan webpage. This page is a public repository for all faculty, staff, administrators, students and the public to access information related to the development of the new Districtwide strategic plan.

A brief background on our strategic planning process: The Contra Costa Community College District has a five year strategic planning cycle and 2019 marks the final year of our existing districtwide strategic plan. We will be devoting the 2018/19 academic year to the development of our new five year plan which will cover the period 2020-2025. The process governing the development of the new plan is summarized in the graphic below, which highlights the development timeline, the various discussion venues and surveys designed to capture feedback, the audiences being engaged and the constituent bodies overseeing the plans development.

On the right panel of this page, there is a list of documents that provide a host of information including environmental and internal data, copies of presentations recently delivered and links to videos of those presentations. As the process unfolds and further information is collected, including survey results and first drafts of the strategic plan, that information will be added to the list (with an email notification of the posting).

At this point in the process, we have complete two Public Dialogues on our organization’s values, vision and purpose. We’ve also conducted both an environmental scan and an industry forecast of our service area. In November and December we will be hosting strategic planning dialogues at each of the three colleges (see the timeline for the dates) and be conducting two surveys, one for all employees and another for students.

Visual of the Districtwide Strategic Planning Timeline

Visual summarizing the planning process and the timeline

The strategic planning process was launched last Spring with the announcement by the Board of Trustees at their meeting on May 23, 2018. The administration of the planning process is being overseen by the district's primary participatory governance body the District Governance Council (DGC).

The process is open and collaborative including multiple venues for all faculty, staff and administrators throughout the district to plug-in and participate. Adoption of the new 2020-25 plan is expected for the June 25, 2019 meeting of the Board of Trustees.