Access Campus Wi-Fi Using a Device Running Android Operating System

Follow the steps below to configure your Android Device:

STEP 1) Go to Settings on your device, make sure Wi-Fi is turned on and tap Wi-Fi to view available connections.

STEP 2) Tap College-WiFi-Reg.

STEP 3) Confirm that you are connected to College-WiFi-Reg.

STEP 4) Open a web browser and go to the following site:

Agree to the Terms & Conditions and tap Start.

STEP 5) Enter your InSite Portal Username and Password and click Continue.

STEP 6) You will need to download and install the Cloudpath app. To start, tap on First, Install The App.

STEP 7) When the following screen appears, tap Download.

STEP 8) When you see the message below, tap OK.

STEP 9) When the file has finished downloading (it may take a few minutes to do so), you will see the message below. Tap OPEN.

STEP 10) Tap INSTALL on the following screen.

STEP 11) You will see this screen as the Cloudpath app is installing.

STEP 12) After the Cloudpath app has been installed, tap OPEN on the following screen.

STEP 13) You should see the following screen as the Cloudpath app loads the configuration. Tap Done.

STEP 14) Return to the ruckus web page that you previously opened and tap Next, Configure Your Device.

STEP 15) After the previous step you should now see the following screen with two green check marks. Tap Done.

STEP 16) You should now be connected to College-Employee Wi-Fi.