Request Guest Wifi Passcode

STEP 1) Click Here: Request Guest Wifi Passcode

STEP 2) On the following page, enter your username and password, that you use for work.

STEP 3) After successfully entering username/password, click on Create Voucher.

STEP 3) Complete the Create Voucher form.

Enter a valid email address for the guest and the voucher will be emailed to them directly.

If the code is going to be used by several people make sure to change that number using the Maximum Redemption Count drop-down list.

The code must be redeemed by the date listed in the Redeem Voucher By field.

Guest access can only be granted for a maximum of 7 days. If someone needs access longer than 7 days, they need to contact Police Services.

Click Save.

STEP 4) The following page should display the Voucher Confirmation screen.