How to Create a Guest Wi-fi Account

Step 1:
Go to the following web page:
Step 2:
Login using your InSite Username/Password.
Step 3:
Click the "Create" button on the bottom left of page.
Step 4:
Type the guest's first and last name.
Step 5:
Type the guest's Email address. Recommended: Check the "Notify via Email" box.
(Note: If you check the "Notify via Email" box, the guest will receive their login information and a link to configuration instructions via Email.)
Step 6:
Select the appropriate duration access.
Step 7:
Click the "Create" or the "Create & Print" button on the bottom left.
(Note: If you did not check the "Notify via Email" box, then click "Create & Print" and supply the guest with the printout.)

Step-By-Step Configuration Instructions for Guest Wi-Fi