Configure Wireless for Your Personal Device

The 4CD WI-FI network is a secure, encrypted and authenticated wireless network. Access to 4CD WI-FI requires a valid username and password.
In order to connect to 4CD WI-FI, your device must first be configured with the appropriate settings. Most Operating Systems can be automatically configured using the utility provided. Use this utility when first configuring your device.
NOTE: This configuration utility is available worldwide. You do not need to be on campus to configure your device for 4CD WI-FI.

To configure your device for 4CD WI-FI:

If the utility is unsuccessful in configuring your device, please use the step-by-step instructions below or contact the IT Help Desk. Phone: (925) 229-6888, Email:
Six Steps of Troubleshooting Wi-Fi

Step-By-Step Configuration Instructions: