Student Trustee Advisory Council

The Student Trustee Advisory Council, consisting of the Chancellor, the ASU President or designee from each college and the ASU Advisors, serves to:

  1. Report District Governing Board deliberations and decisions to the student governments at their respective campuses.
  2. Represent their student government organizations in preparing Student Trustee's monthly report to the Governing Board.
  3. Improve communication among the three student government organizations and to assist the student governments in understanding District Governing Board operations and decisions.
  4. Implement the Districtwide Student Trustee Election Procedure.

Meetings of the Student Trustee Advisory Council will be keyed to preparation of the monthly report to the Governing Board. The following steps will be followed:

  1. ASU President or designee meet with respective College Presidents monthly to review recommendations for the Student Trustee's report to the Governing Board.
  2. Advisory Council members meet with Student Trustee in order to:
    1. Share information on issues being discussed by student governments on the three campuses.
    2. Share written report (i.e., minutes, agenda, etc.) of material from each campus for developing the presentation to District Governing Board.
    3. Discuss Governing Board issues of particular significance to students.
    4. Design preliminary report to the Governing Board.
  3. Student Trustee meets with Chancellor to:
    1. Present preliminary report to Governing Board for review and clarification.
    2. Ask for recommendations for additional items.
    3. Receive direction for long-range planning and discuss long-term implications of Governing Board decisions.