Payroll Services

Payroll Services administers and manages all District payroll functions, including payroll preparation, reconciliations, taxes, reporting, employee deductions, and preparation, processing, and auditing of all mandated health benefits. Payroll Services partners with the Office of Human Resources to implement collective bargaining negotiations and agreements, and District policies and procedures. Payroll serves the diverse students, faculty, staff, administrators, and the greater community.

Payroll Team Title Area of Responsibility Phone Email
Shawn Klemens Payroll Specialist Certificated Payroll (925) 229-6867
Tom Lopez Payroll Specialist Classified Payroll (925) 229-6865
Gail Pisenti Payroll Clerk Student Payroll, Income-Based VOE, EDD, Retiree Billing, Leans/Levies, and Garnishments (925) 229-6853
Clarissa Cadena Employee Benefit Specialist Benefits, Medical Reimbursements (925) 229-6863
Diane Bradford Retirement Specialist STRS/PERS and ES49 reports (925) 229-6864
Kristy Myers Payroll Supervisor Extended Leave, Worker Comp, TLF, Audits, Pay-Per-Load, PSLF, TSAs, Contract Administrators, Manual or Replacement Checks (925) 229-6860
Don Penrose Director of Payroll Services Payroll Administration, Federal/State Taxes, 941 Quarterly/W2's, Vendor payments, Reconciliation (925) 229-6859
Payroll/Income Verifications

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Fax: (925) 370-7541