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The President is Chief Executive Officer of the college and has a direct reporting relationship to the District. The President reports to the District Chancellor. The President is responsible for the delivery of educational and other services provided by the college, the supervision of the administrative staff, and all educational programs and services of the college. The President provides high level direction regarding the overall operation of the college. The President delegates to the Vice President, Deans, and Directors, the supervision of other administrative, teaching, and classified professionals.

Special Instructions to Applicants

Qualified candidates must submit a complete online application, resume, unofficial transcript, and a cover letter, not to exceed five (5) pages. Candidates should cite specific examples from their background and experience to demonstrate knowledge and expertise necessary for this position. The letter of application should indicate to what extent personal qualities, professional characteristics and skills match the desirable qualifications sought for this position.

(Note: The first interviews will be held on 4/26/23 and4/27/23 and the final interviews and public forums will be held during the week of 5/8/23 to5/9/23.)

Our Vision for Social Justice

We are seeking people who recognize the critical role community colleges play in social justice, who have ability in this space, enthusiasm for this work, ideas, and vision to improve our approaches, and a commitment to achieving equitable academic success for the 50,000+ students attending our five beautiful colleges and centers. Our social justice work calls for employees who have a sense of social responsibility, interest in our community and world in which we live.

The intention of social justice work is to strengthen humanity by understanding that every person deserves the opportunity to benefit by fully participating in our society and institutions.

Academic researchers have illustrated that crucial social justice principles are a compilation of equality, equity, diversity, inclusion, engagement, environmental sustainability and human rights. These complex principles are challenging to operationalize in higher education; yet we are steadfast in our diligence to forge ahead to advance this vital mission.

Community colleges are uniquely positioned to lead higher education in the work of social justice. Many of our students come from historically underserved and underrepresented backgrounds; including students of color, students with recent immigrant histories, students from cycles of low income if not poverty, students from indigenous communities, and students from first-generation families.

The idea of promoting social mobility through education is unconditionally and uncompromisingly embraced by community colleges. This is an exciting leadership role, and it comes with a heavy responsibility. Simply put, we need to create environments where our students achieve greater academic success, while closing our persistent equity/opportunity gaps.

If you are committed to social and racial justice and if you are interested in joining a community dedicated to solving these inequities through education, please apply.

Desirable Qualifications

The President will be a leader who:

  • is passionately committed to the mission of a comprehensive community college;

  • is collaborative and embraces the unique nature of Contra Costa College, including the challenges faced by the communities and students it serves, and be visible, approachable, and active at the college and in the community, building relationships that increase opportunities and success for students;

  • practices cultural proficiency and moves comfortably in numerous and varied communities as a leader who builds strong relationships with grassroots, community-based, faith-based, and local government organizations;

  • is experienced at advocating for the success and support of Black/African Americans, Latinx, Indigenous/Native Americans, Asian/Pacific Islanders, LGBTQIA+ community, persons with disabilities, and other minoritized groups of disproportionately impacted students and employees;

  • has significant experience creating workforce development programs that proactively meet the needs of local business and industry, and supports community economic development programs and services of the college;

  • has knowledge and experience in the use of technology in higher education in promoting student learning and administrative efficiency;

  • demonstrates understanding of effective fiscal and resource management, including the role of finances in planning, budgeting, assessing, and leading continuous improvement. Effectively manages all resources to advance the purposes of the college. Has experience with acquisition of grants in support of the college’s mission;

  • models high standards of performance, honesty, integrity, caring and compassion, and inspires and expects the same from classified professional, faculty, and administrators;

  • has experience with interest-based bargaining and a demonstrated commitment to transparency and regular communication with all college constituencies in union environments;

  • is a consensus builder, familiar with participatory governance, with a management style that is collaborative, enthusiastic, inclusive of all constituency groups, and who values, supports, motivates and develops employees, acknowledges their contributions, and who is an open, transparent, approachable and accessible leader;

  • works with college leaders to resolve controversial issues and problems in a timely manner utilizing input from constituent groups;

  • engages with students and supports student development activities;

  • demonstrates effectiveness and commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and equal employment opportunity; and

  • has successfully led an institution of higher education through the integrated planning and accreditation processes.

About Contra Costa College

Located in the socioeconomically diverse, resilient, and culturally vibrant East Bay community, Contra Costa College serves predominantly Latinx, African American, and Asian students. The college is located on 83 acres of a beautiful, naturally landscaped site, accentuated by Wildcat Creek running through the rolling hills of San Pablo and Richmond.

In recent years, the campus has added a number of new, state-of-the-art facilities, including an entirely new college center. Over the past two years alone, the new Science Center, remodeled Athletics Complex and new campus Safety Center, have all opened to the public.

CCC has been repeatedly recognized for many of its academic and career education programs locally, statewide, and nationally. It was recently chosen by NASA to be the only Northern California campus for its National Community College Aerospace Scholar program. Its student newspaper, The Advocate, is the most-awarded two-year college media outlet in Associated Collegiate Press history.

For more information about the college, visit:

About the District

The mission of the Contra Costa Community College District is to transform lives by providing outstanding learning opportunities that nurture and empower all students to achieve their educational goals. The dedicated faculty, classified professionals, and administrators in the District are committed to core values and action that promote excellence in learning and equitable student success. The District is committed to hiring and developing a diverse staff that understands that cultural diversity in the academic environment promotes academic excellence; fosters cultural, racial and human understanding; provides positive role models for all students; and creates an inclusive and supportive educational work environment for its students, employees, and the community it serves.

Located in Contra Costa County, in the beautiful and diverse San Francisco East Bay Area, the District serves the 1.2 million residents of the County through education, business partnerships and service in the community. The District first opened its doors in 1949 and is the second oldest and eighth largest multi-college community college district in California. The District consists of three colleges and two centers; Contra Costa College in San Pablo; Diablo Valley College is located in Pleasant Hill and has a Campus in San Ramon; Los Medanos College, located in Pittsburg and has a center in Brentwood. The District Office, located in downtown Martinez, supports the mission and functions of the colleges.

As evidenced by the rich diversity in Contra Costa County, the District enrolls a highly diverse student population. Serving over 45,581 students the 2021-22 academic year, the demographic make-up of students was 9% Black/African American, 15% Asian/Pacific Islander, 34% Hispanic/Latinx, 25% White/Non-Hispanic, and 17% Other.

The District actively encourages a diverse pool of applicants to serve the dynamic student population and work collaboratively with existing colleagues that are equally dynamic and diverse.