4CD Seeks Additional Community Input on Ward Redistricting

Proposed Scenarios:

#1 Summary

Ward boundaries drafted to accommodate areas of population growth and population equalization attempting to minimize significant associated city changes and preventing major county cities from being split between Wards. (Variance = 1.5)

Proposed Map 1

Ethnicity/Race Distribution

#2 Summary

Ward boundaries drafted to least significantly shift boundaries from 2011 and maintaining Ward continuity with as many of the associated cities. Previously shared with the public at Dec 8, 2021 public hearing as an attachment to the board agenda. (Variance = 1.9)

Proposed Map 2

Ethnicity/Race Distribution

#3 Summary

Balances populations using the County Supervisor map as a guide. (Variance = 1.1)

Proposed Map 3

Ethnicity/Race Distribution

Deadline for public comments/feedback is Friday, January 7, 2022, 5:00 p.m.



December 17, 2021

4CD Seeks Additional Community Input on Ward Redistricting

MARTINEZ, CA – The Contra Costa Community College District (4CD) Governing Board (Board) is seeking additional community input to adjust trustee ward boundaries and ensure population balance based on Contra Costa County demographic changes identified in the 2020 Census.

The public can review three mapping options of how trustee boundaries could be balanced on the 4CD website located at www.4cd.edu/gb/redistricting. Community members can use a new interactive mapping feature that will help identify how each mapping option could change your trustee representation. The website also gives the public the opportunity to provide online comments and feedback that will be considered by the Board. In addition, 4CD will conduct a special Governing Board meeting via Zoom on Thursday, January 6, 2022, beginning at 5:00 p.m. to conduct a community roundtable to review the different mapping options and receive additional community input. Zoom details can be found in the official Governing Board meeting agenda for this community roundtable.

The Board will review the additional community input and hold a second redistricting public hearing at their regularly scheduled public meeting on January 12, 2022, beginning at 6:00 p.m. The public is invited to attend this meeting in-person at 500 Court Street, 2nd Floor Board Room, Martinez, California, or via Zoom. Zoom details for this meeting are contained in the official Board meeting agenda located on the 4CD website.

“Based on the community input we received so far, the Board decided it was prudent to expand the redistricting choices available and provide more opportunity for the public to weigh in on this important decision,” said Governing Board President Dr. Judy E. Walters. “The additional steps we are taking, which are beyond what is legally required, are appropriate and convey to our community we are rebalancing our trustee wards in a transparent way, and is being completed in a fair, objective, and non-partisan manner.”

Special districts like 4CD are legally obligated to follow Education Code Section 5019.5, which highlights the process to follow, ensuring the population of trustee wards is balanced based on the changing demographics of the community. Despite receiving the 2020 Census data six months late, 4CD is still required to complete this process by February 28, 2022.

After receiving the 2020 Census data in September 2021, staff began working with legal counsel to analyze and prepare its ward redistricting recommendation. The Board received a report outlining the plan to rebalance the ward boundaries at their November 10, 2021, meeting, including a review of the population changes throughout Contra Costa County. At their December 8, 2021, meeting, the Board reviewed a staff-recommended map that highlighted how trustee area boundaries could change, and received community input on the proposed map before determining the need for additional community input.