District Governance Council

  1. Purpose

    1. To provide a forum for strengthening the participation of representative groups to meet, discuss and debate issues of Districtwide concern while acknowledging the autonomy of the individual Colleges and respecting the role that training, education, and experience play in individual influence and participation.
    2. To influence Districtwide policies and procedures by making well-informed decisions and forwarding them as recommendations to the Chancellor and/or Governing Board in accordance with operational procedures.
    3. To regularly evaluate the District’s governance and decision-making structures and processes in order to assure their integrity and effectiveness, communicating the results of the evaluation and using it as a basis for improvement.
    4. To serve as the District Budget Committee.
  2. Scope

    1. Collective Bargaining issues will be excluded.
    2. The Academic Senate, Classified Senate, management and/or student representatives may, at their discretion, utilize Title 5 regulations and submit their recommendations directly to the administration of the Contra Costa Community College District and/or the Governing Board, rather than follow the District Governance Process.
    3. The DGC may:
      1. Recommend a process for determining fiscal and personnel allocations and procedures.
      2. Participate in developing and promoting Districtwide goals, priorities, and long-term planning.
      3. Participate in making recommendations regarding proposed program development for which there are Districtwide fiscal implications.
      4. Review and make recommendations regarding Board Policies, Administrative Procedures, and all other formal Districtwide procedures.
      5. Discuss any topic in which equity or uniformity among the locations/Colleges is an issue.
      6. Discuss any other Districtwide matters as deemed appropriate by the group except as excluded by defined scope.
      7. The DGC may not delegate its responsibility of making final recommendations, arrived at through consensus, to any other group or subcommittee.